Sunday, February 10, 2019

Pool Room Studio

Being married to the military and trying to pursue my dream of being a painter has been challenging to say the least. Often times we are barely getting everyone settled, kids in school, new doctors and dentists, finally getting some of the last boxes unpacked, and suddenly we have orders to move yet again. Don’t get me wrong, it has it’s upsides too. I have truly experienced much of our country and beyond, and have so many cherished memories from everywhere we have lived and travelled.

Back in Virginia, before we moved to Michigan, I had a corner bedroom completely dedicated to my art and painting. Now that we have moved to Michigan, the master plan with our current house is to eventually convert the current semi-enclosed carport into my studio. The carport really couldn’t have been made into a fully functioning garage for our 4 wheel drive suv’s with roof racks, at least not without spending some serious cash. We would have had to dig out the floor to make it level, as well as raise the roof. Darn! I guess a studio would work though! In the meantime, the house barely has enough bedrooms for the family, so a dedicated room for me to paint in is not in the picture. Oddly enough, our Michigan house has nearly 1000 square feet of an enclosed pool room, hot tub spa included. So after a year and a half of working on renovations on the house, I have decided to carve out a corner of space for myself in the pool room. Brilliant idea if I must say so myself!

Oddly enough, after doing a little research online, the humidity level in there, at least during the winter, is absolutely perfect. And the location in that room is fantastic for lighting. Aside from the really loud furnace that will come on every once in a while, it honestly is pretty wonderful. So until that carport gets a makeover, this is where all the magic happens.

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